The Mess Deck is an all-American company dedicated to producing quality, hand-made leather goods.  All products are hand cut, stained, stamped, and sewn.  We love what we do and hope you love what we make.

My Story

Hi. Thank you for taking interest in my journey. My name is Amber Martinez and I have created the MessDeck co. 

I am currently serving in the military and have done so for over twelve years now. I started doing leather work and making small goods while stationed in California. I immediately feel in love with the process of making a piece, by hand, from start to finish. I am proud to say that I started the MessDeck co in my home state of Texas, in 2014, and have carried it with me to our new location in Virginia. Building a collection of staples that will last you a lifetime is my main goal, but I am also expanding the MessDeck with some exciting endeavors to come!

Thank you for your support.